The World Healing Centre is a non-denominational Spiritual Sanctuary and Holistic Healing Centre and we believe in the freewill choice of self-expression. We embrace the individuality of all beings and understand that self-empowerment is the key to a peaceful and fulfilled life. Our work is inspired by the many great teachers of our past and present and we embrace the diversity of the knowledge now presented to us.

Every human being is held eternally within the embrace of infinite love. May we all awaken to this reality and fulfil our divine potential.

We aim to assist all human beings to find their individual truth and connection through spiritual teachings, self-empowerment sessions and workshops, meditation, yoga, dance, music, creativity and many other holistic healing therapies. We have an on-site vegetarian and vegan café, weekend retreats, wellbeing days, food education classes and special events.

Our work includes praying for individuals and for communities as well as humanity as a whole. It does not stop there, for we recognise the great gift of the animal kingdom, and all beings who dwell in realms invisible to us. We believe that every human being is precious and is held eternally within the embrace of Infinite Love. May we all awaken to this reality and, if possible, help others to do likewise.

Our support is available to help meet with courage the emotional, physical and spiritual challenges we all face along the path to union with the Divine Source of our being.

You are welcome to visit us in person. Our doors are open to all who would like to take time out for prayer, meditation, reflection and replenishment.

Being called to this Work is a wonderful privilege and we join with all who strive for a universal humanity, united in one Spirit, irrespective of our differences and beliefs.

The majority of our activities and services are FREE to our local community but we very much appreciate donations to allow us to continue in our important work. 

Ian MacPherson, C.A. (Treasurer)
Rev Martin Nathanael, B.Ed., M.Th.
Jed Sullivan
Rachel Day
Louisa Brown

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