WHC – World Healing Centre

Welcome to the WHC

Here at WHC, we are guided in our work through the universal teachings of Jesus and many others who inspire us to fulfil this endeavour. Our work includes praying for individuals and for communities as well as humanity as a whole. It does not stop there, for we recognize the great gift of the animal kingdom, and all beings who dwell in realms invisible to us.

Every human being is precious and is held eternally within the embrace of Infinite Love. May we all awaken to this reality and, if at all possible, help others to do likewise.

Being called to this Work is a wonderful privilege. We join with all who strive for a universal humanity, united in one Spirit, irrespective of differences such as race, creed or religion.

Our support is available to help meet with courage and discernment the spiritual challenges which we all face along the path to union with the Divine Source of our being. You are welcome to visit us in person. Our doors are open to all who would like to take time out for prayer, meditation, reflection and replenishment.

The WHC was founded by Mandus Nyquist in 1952. Its world-wide outreach continues through the distribution of magazines and books, and local, national, and international meetings and retreats, in addition to the activities at the Centre in Blackpool, UK.



Dr Timothy O’Higgins (Chairman)
Ian MacPherson, C.A. (Treasurer)
Peter Dewhurst

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