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Staff Changes at WHC

MARTIN NATHANAEL   Senior Minister

Martin Nathanael is an ordained Anglican minister who served as a vicar in London and Hertfordshire. He received a Master of Theology degree from Kings College, London. Martin grew up in a Jewish family and, at the age of seven, had a major spiritual awakening through a near-death experience when close to drowning.

After his Bar mitzvah, he became interested in philosophy and meditation practices during his teenage years. Subsequent to his training as a teacher of religious studies, he was baptised and confirmed as a member of the Anglican Church. Shortly afterwards, his spiritual journey led him into the ordained ministry. His spiritual studies continued and he trained as an interfaith minister prior to joining the faculty of the Interfaith Seminary in London where he taught for four years.

Subsequently Martin has been actively engaged in writing and in lecturing. Martin brings a vast range of expertise and experience to WHC as a workshop and retreat leader, lecturer and writer. He is passionate about fostering interfaith communion and facilitating others in experiencing a deeper spirituality.

After meeting with the Board in October 2014, Martin began his work with WHC on December 1st. 2014.

Anne Nyquist

Anne Nyquist was born and educated in Ireland where she had a career in banking for over 16 years.  She lived and worked in the UK, Florida, and Spain for over twenty two years.  She became a US citizen in 1996.  She has organised and participated in many workshops on spirituality and holistic health. Anne has been involved with the work of WHC for the past twenty years in many roles, as a member, a minister’s wife, and as a board member. She has brought a depth of spirituality and compassion to her position as a member of the staff of WHC, since May 2014

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