Spiritual Healer

Michael will be holding a clinic here at our Centre on Saturday 13th October 2018:  10am-5pm.

He is well known as a healer.  His name is often associated with his father George Chapman who was a healer with remarkable skills.

To book an appointment please phone Michael on 01970 832 696

or email him at

For more information go to his website:


Daily Prayer 9.30am-9.45am  (Mon-Fri)

Monday:   Friendship Group 1pm-3pm

Monday Night:   Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting 7.30pm.

Tuesday:   Spiritual Teaching and Healing Meditation with

Anne Nyquist – 2pm

Learning in the School of Life !

  No charge.

Wednesday: Spiritual Healing with Dr Sheelagh Donnelly.

No charge. Donations appreciated.

Please phone for appointment on: 01253 343701.

Wednesday:Healing Meditation 10.30am-11am with Dr Donnelly.

Wednesday:  Steiner based Secret Garden Parent and

Child Group with Ruth: 10am-12pm

  (Presently open only for Easter and Summertime)

Wednesday:   Blackpool Buddies 1pm-3pm

Mental Health Support Group.  Facing challenges with shared experiences.  Supporting recovery, building friendships, gaining confidence and independence.

Blackpool Buddies is Peer Supported.

       Phone Tom, Group Facilitator:  07717 380857.

Thursday: Music & Song Therapy with Anne Nyquist


Thursday afternoon  AA Meeting 2pm-3.30pm

Friday 2pm-3pm – Wizdom

Spiritual Teaching and Guided Meditation

with Louisa Brown

Friday evening:   Hindu Kids – Dance Class



WORLD HEALING CENTRE, 476 Lytham Road, Blackpool, FY4 1JF
Change Your Life 2018
‘A Guide to Health and Happiness’ is a contemporary workshop, available in one day, two day and three
day formats and is based around a visual presentation. It is a journey of self-discovery and selfimprovement
and examines:
 How we become the people we are today
 How our emotions and limiting beliefs affect our ability to reach our goals
 How and why our bodies react to the way we think and feel
 How we remove our limitations and become the people we want to be
This thought-provoking workshop ultimately aims to assist individuals to:
 Identify and remove the stress from their lives
 Let go of past emotive experiences
 Gain knowledge about who they are and why they are here
 Understand how to improve their physical and mental health
 Be happy and enjoy their life

Join the REVOLUTION and Transform your life! For more information or to book your place please ring Louisa Brown on 07800 527892


                           Mindfulness Drop-in

                            October 29th 2018: 1pm-3pm

Mindfulness means being able to to bring direct, open-hearted awareness to what you are doing, whilst you are doing it. Allowing you to tune into what is going on in your mind and body and in the world around you moment by moment.

A drop-in session will be running on Monday 16th October 2017.

The session is open to everyone: – to those who have completed the 8 week course and to anyone interested in finding out more about Mindfulness and how it can help you to deal with the stress or the pain of daily life.

There is no charge for this session but a suggested donation of between £3-£5 for the Centre would be appreciated.

The drop-in will be run by Meg Whitlam, an accredited Mindfulness trainer and a member of the UK Register of Mindfulness Teachers.

She has her own experience of living with chronic illness, and personal experience of the benefits of mindfulness in daily life.

 For more information contact Meg on or leave me a message on 078115 195974





Fylde Coast Amnesty are hosting an open meeting

Voices from Syria

A first-hand account of the Syrian conflict through the words of Syrian refugee and activist

 Dr. Haytham Alhamwi.  

In 2003 Haytham was sentenced to four years in prison for organising street cleaning and anti-bribery campaigns and a protest against the invasion of Iraq in his home town of Daraya, Syria. He was released from prison after serving two-and-a half years of his sentence following a presidential pardon. Haytham has since been based in the UK, where he carried out a PhD in Occupational Health at the University of Manchester and currently serves as the Managing Director of Rethink Rebuild Society, a community and advocacy organisation for the Syrian community in Manchester.

When?                     7.30 on Monday 5 March

Where?               The World Healing Centre,

476 Lytham Rd, Blackpool, FY4 1JF

Entry is free and all are welcome.

Please note the meeting is on the first floor and unfortunately, as yet, there are no lifts.

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