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We know this is a difficult time for everyone and fear is rampant.  Although you may feel like the World has gone mad and you are probably right it, you will only be affected if you buy into the hype.  However, we all have a lot to do to prepare ourselves and our foundation for the coming times.  We have attached an amazing Eckhart Tolle video which is informative and soothing.  We highly recommend it.

Staying Conscious in the Face of Adversity –  

In the bigger and more positive picture this is a time of huge transformation for the Earth and all that are part of it.  We are giving birth to a New Age and it is and will be painful.  We must embrace these times, they will be truly amazing and, if you can hold steady, stay grounded and present, you will experience positive change and growth in your life. 

A great way of managing the chaos is to observe and not get emotionally involved.  Be on the World but not of it!  So … if you were watching a scary film and you found yourself getting too frightened you could remove yourself from it as you know that it is just a movie.  It is really no different here, this is your film and you choose how you handle it … with fear or with wisdom and strength.  Being present and not allowing your mind to wander into fantasy land  is essential.  If you keep watching your breath and using it to stay in the moment, where you are supposed to be, nothing will touch you.  Life is wonderful when you are present and connected!  This is where you perform at your best.

We know that we will all come out of this as better human beings.  We will find our strength in togetherness and defeat the darkness that is currently surrounding us.  We are all Warriors of the Light and we will find peace, good health and true happiness in the coming times.  We would like to keep in touch with all of you over the coming weeks as we move through the turbulence.   Although the Centre is currently closed we are still available on a one to one basis over the phone, or by email or letter. We will also be producing some meditation videos and sharing some excellent video links in the near future.    All our work is confidential and we can assist you with dealing with difficult past experiences, current anxieties, negative emotional responses and any questions you have about the current times. I can help you to develop your future aspirations, but I am also happy to have a chat or just listen. We will also be starting a weekly prayer/meditation group over Zoom and anyone who is interested in joining us should email:

If you feel that contact would be of benefit to you please let me know how you would like me to contact you i.e. Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, email and what time is most convenient for you (phone or internet only).  IT’S ALL FREE!

If you haven’t yet liked the World Healing Centre on Facebook, please do so.  Tyler is regularly sharing inspiring articles and uplifting quotes to assist us all to raise our vibration at this very important time.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Almighty God,

Beneath your wings
Filled with light
I have no fear.
Wading through truth
Clean and bright
I have no fear.

Dwelling in love
Safe at night
I have no fear.
Soaking in your hope
Eternity sings
I have no fear.


In love and light.

WHC Staff and Volunteers

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